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Ron Clark Academy House System

Ron Clark Academy House System

Our Goal

We want to create a school where students, staff and parents are beating down the doors to get in…not out.

Our Belief

A positive school culture and climate is the underlying reason why the other components of successful schools are able to flourish. 

What’s the Purpose of the Ron Clark House System

The Ron Clark Academy House System is a dynamic, exciting, and proven way to create positive climate and culture for students and staff. Students are celebrated for their efforts through a process that builds character, empowers academic excellence, fosters school spirit, enhances relationships, and promotes a culture of belonging to all.

Why Did We Choose to Use the Ron Clark Academy House System?

House systems are being implemented at a fast rate as schools face more unique and stressful challenges associated with behavior and social-emotional needs of students and staff that dramatically increased during the time of Covid.


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RCAHS Information Video