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Braden Middle School - 1 School, 4 Houses
4 houses
The E.D.G.E Survey

The E.D.G.E Survey

The purpose of a Community Learning Center, also known as a CLC, is to help everyone in our school succeed. In order to do that we need to know what the Buckeye Local School District Community needs, wants, and values.
Every Community Learning Center looks different because every community has different barriers and opportunities. 
In a few moments, you will be taking a survey. The data from the survey will allow The EDGE (Engaging Diversity Growth Empowerment) to work to provide programs and services that the OUR community not only needs, but wants. Examples could be medical services, enrichment activities, academic support, and more.
We ask that you please take the survey with OUR community’s best interest at heart. This is for all of us! We thank you for your time and effort! 
Click here to begin survey: